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The directory is useful when you don't know exactly the expression to search for. It is also good for simply browsing our range of products by the type of airplane.

When looking at the articles of a specific airplane you can filter the articles, for example to show only "Repro" parts. Have a good time while browsing.

Ar96FuG101He219Olymp. Meise
B?133FuG16Ju 52Revi12
Brit. Flugz.HabichtKG13Ta152


The search can be narrowed to find only "Original" parts or to find only parts from a specific airplane type. Some small Hints:

  • Leave the search field empty to display all articles.
  • Keep the search word short. This will give you more hits!

search term (for example instrument, rudder)

select type of airplane:

select type of product:

Note: At the moment only single search terms can be found.

PDF Article-List

We offer a complete list of our former products for download and offline reading. For convenient search and brows function please use the "directory" and the "search" field.

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